May 31, 2016

The Culture Trip

Thank you The Culture Trip for including Trickster company in their "Juneau's Best Boutiques & Design Shops" article!

Check it out here.


December 16, 2015

Free Download: Spirit Face Wallpaper


We've made some Spirit Face wallpapers for your digital devices! Free download links below!


IMAGE LINKS HERE:               

-Ipad, Ipad Mini, or other Tablets 1536x2048 DARK LIGHT
-Common Phone Size 320x480 DARK LIGHT
-Iphone 6  750x1334 DARK LIGHT
-Iphone6+, HTC One 1080x1920 DARK LIGHT

-Samsung S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy,

1440x2560 DARK LIGHT







December 14, 2015

The Story of Gunakadéit

We recently got some  rad snap back caps in, since this design has a longer cultural story we wanted to share it. Check it out:

Gunakadeit is both human and a creature of the sea.  

 The Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshians believe that humans and animals are interrelated.  Humans can transform into animals and animals likewise into humans. 

 Long, long ago, young man was disdained by his mother-in-law as lazy. She criticized him for sleeping while others were working.   

 One day as he was walking along the shore, he saw a monstrous being arise from the sea.  He devised a method to catch the creature.  He was successful! He skinned the giant creature.  He then donned his skin and jumped into the sea.  He dove underwater to the home and village of the creature.  When he returned to land, he hid the skin.   

 He returned home to find famine had come to his homeland.  He went to the place where he had hid the skin.  He put it on and dove into the sea.  In the early morning, he returned to the village with one salmon.  The villagers were joyful.  The next day, he went out again and returned with two salmon; the following day with a seal and the next day with a whale. 

 His mother-in-law had convinced the villagers that she with her spiritual powers was bringing food to the village.  Only the young man’s wife was aware that it was her husband who was responsible.  He had told his wife that if the Raven cries in the morning before he returned it meant that he had died.  One morning she awoke to find that her husband had not returned.  She heard the cry of the Raven and rushed to the beach.  She found the sea creature dead on the shore.  The villagers learned that it was not the mother-in-law who was responsible for the food but rather the sea creature, Gunakadeit!

 Gunakadeit’s spirit returned to his home in the sea.  His wife could not overcome her grief.  Hearing her cries, Gunakadeit returned to bring her to his home in the sea.

 Good fortune comes to those who see Gunakadeit.    

-Draft digitized Gunakadéit design done by Crystal Worl
December 06, 2015

Northwest Coast Art into the Future

Was honored to be invited to participate in a discussion panel with Nicholas Galanin, Alison Bremner, David R. Boxley and moderated by X'unei early this month! Discussion ranged from the integrity of Formline design to the challenges the art is facing and how we are trying to proceed as into the future. Check it out.



Northwest Coast Art Into the Future from Kathy Dye on Vimeo.

May 02, 2015

We Alaskans!

Gunalchéesh Steve Quinn and Alaska Dispatch News for putting together this great article on Trickster Company and myself (Rico) in the We Alaskans last week! Check out the article here.


August 12, 2014

New Sunglasses!

We got some new Sunglasses in! Check it out, designed by myself (Rico Worl). The design represents a cluster of human faces. The glasses are called "Town Meeting". With this design I am speaking to the vital need for people to be involved with their communities. Get out there and vote, be aware of what and who our leaders empower. In your home towns get involved with local boards, commissions, councils, and assemblies. The greater the diversity in community leadership, the more room there is for greater equality. Represent!


July 09, 2014

Shop Open and Featured in Capital City Weekly

We're open! Downtown Juneau! Stop on by!


And thank you Mary Catharine Martin and Capital City Weekly for this great write up! 


June 18, 2014

Juneau Empire Shares a Photo of Trickster Co.

Thanks Marlena Sloss for sharing the great photo in Todays Juneau Empire. Page 2 : D

Just received 3 new models of Skate decks in the mail. Should be opening the brickand mortar next week. Check out the window display. We set it up so people can window shop in the meantime.

Check out the photo here:


Here are the new Boards:


The Eagle and Raven decks. These are a reproduction of the original Trickster Co. Skateboards in their minimalist form. It focuses on the intricate lines of the Eagle and Raven designs. Eagle and raven are the two halves of Tlingit society. These pair speaks to Balance. They're made with Canadian Maple size 8.00. Check em out here!

May 13, 2014

Siblings to open design shop downtown


Gunalchéesh Katie Moritz and Juneau Empire for the (frontpage!) article!

Siblings to open design shop downtown

Rico and Crystal Worl will sell original work

Downtown Juneau can seem like a bit of a tourist trap to locals during the summer. But, if you look in the right places, you can find some really cool stuff. Artist Rico Worl hopes his new shop, Trickster Company, will make authentic Alaska Native art more accessible and available — both to tourists and to locals. (Read more here)



photo taken by Michael Penn - Juneau Empire