More Inspired Natives

Trickster Company is proud to be a part of a larger industry of innovative Indigenous artists and designers who are pushing the economy of Native art into the modern era. We are proud to, as Louie Gong of 8th Generation puts it, support inspired Natives, not "Native-inspired".

Here is a list of other Inspired Natives who we see as industry leaders. Take a moment to go check out their web pages and learn about them:

8th Generation (founded by Louie Gong)

Beyond Buckskin Boutique

OXDX Clothing


Sealaska Heritage Institute

Totem House Design

Section 35

Qu'wutsun' Made

Shy Natives


Inspired by Diné Bizaad

Manitobah Mukluks

Lauren Goodday

Sky Eagle Collection


Cheekbone Beauty