Kindred Design Co. \ Kindred Post
Another New shop in Downtown Juneau as well as a rad Community conscious design company. Opened by NaMee (see Tsunamee below)
Tsunamee - Christy NaMee Eriksen
Created this website, is an amazing poet and awesome artist in her own right. Check her out by clicking here!
WhaJuneau? - The freshest underground web mag about Juneau's arts, culture and food scenes.
Sequence Boardshop
Juneau's top boardshop.  Great deals, great products.
Aurora Projekt
A rad custom local (Juneau) print and design shop!
Manufactured my snowboards.  Got some sick tech going into their boards.  Ahead of the curve.  The guy who created Magnatraction works on some of their tech.  TAKE A LOOK!
A spectacular jewelery designer from the Southwest!