INTERVIEW: Meet the Indigenous Designers Behind Trickster Company, the Innovative Lifestyle Brand from Juneau, Alaska (US PARK PASS)

Rico Worl founded Trickster Company in Juneau, Alaska in 2014, starting with his popular hand-painted skateboards and a successful Kickstarter campaign that funded a unique deck of playing cards designed with Northwest Coast formline art. Rico’s sister, Crystal Worl, joined him as a business partner after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design.

As Indigenous artisans and designers, Rico and Crystal strive to represent modern Indigenous lifestyles to a broader audience through a distinctive Indigenous artform known as Northwest Coast formline art. They envisioned a business that included a gift shop in downtown Juneau that sold fine art, products for modern Indigenous people to represent their heritage, and products for non-Native people to appreciate without cultural appropriation. As active advocates of diversity in communities, Rico and Crystal Worl also promote diversity through their civic engagement. US Park Pass spoke with Rico and Crystal as a part of our Meet the Artisans of the National Parks series.


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