Young Love Embossed Print
Young Love Embossed Print

Young Love Embossed Print

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From the Trickster vault: Ronnie Fairbanks' Young Love.  With only 12 made in 2015, these prints are super-exclusive.

Embossed print on high-quality textured paper. While it’s not painted, this print features raised Formline and texture in the design of Eagle and Raven around a heart, called “lovebirds.”

Natural edges. Hand signed, titled, and numbered by Ronnie Fairbanks.

The Tlingit society is divided into two moieties (halves): the eagles and the ravens. Balance is always maintained between the two. Together, they are called the lovebirds.

Ronnie Fairbanks – Tlingit/Tsimshian/Chippewa – teaches art to youth and raises his family in Southeast Alaska.

15” x 7.5”

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