Am'ala (Written in Sm’algya̱x) Book
Am'ala (Written in Sm’algya̱x) Book

Am'ala (Written in Sm’algya̱x) Book

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Am’ala is a traditional Tsimshian story about a young man who is teased by his brothers for being lazy and dirty trains secretly with a spirit to gain superhuman strength.

This book, which was previously published in English through Baby Raven Reads, is told entirely in Sm’algya̱x, which was composed by The Haayk Foundation with the late Tsimshian Elder Sarah Booth. The story was adapted by Tlingit writer Frank Henry Kaash Katasse and illustrated by Tsimshian artist David Lang. Sm’algya̱x audio narrated by David R. Boxley.

Baby Raven Reads is an award-winning Sealaska Heritage education program that promotes early-literacy, language development and school readiness for Alaska Native families with children up to age 5. The pilot program in Juneau ended in 2017, and SHI received funding to offer the program for another three years and to expand it to nine other communities in Southeast Alaska.

8½" x 10" hardcover. 40 pages.

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