Three Pink Ravens Youth Leggings
Three Pink Ravens Youth Leggings

Three Pink Ravens Youth Leggings

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Northwest Coast Formline design by Crystal Worl of Three Ravens - her family.  The memories of an only daughter and growing up with Raven brothers.  Crystal is of the Raven Moiety, Sockeye Clan, of the Raven House of Haines, Alaska.

Made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex performance wear fabric. Made using significantly less water than other polyester production processes.

Moves with you!  Our super stretchy fabric will never lose it's shape even after multiple wearings.

Quick Dry performance fabric is naturally wicks away moisture away as you workout.

Easy to care for material with a vibrant custom print that will never fade with washing or wear.

Sizes based on age:

4/5 Years  -  22" tall, 9" waist, 18" waistband diameter

6/7 Years  -  24.5" tall, 9.5" waist, 19" waistband diameter

8/9 Years  -  28" tall, 11" waist, 22" waistband diameter

10/12 Years  -  32.5" tall, 12" waist, 24" waistband diameter

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