Zeal Cloudfall Haa Aani Snow Goggles
Zeal Cloudfall Haa Aani Snow Goggles
Zeal Cloudfall Haa Aani Snow Goggles
Zeal Cloudfall Haa Aani Snow Goggles
Zeal Cloudfall Haa Aani Snow Goggles
Zeal Cloudfall Haa Aani Snow Goggles
Zeal Cloudfall Haa Aani Snow Goggles
Zeal Cloudfall Haa Aani Snow Goggles

Zeal Cloudfall Haa Aani Snow Goggles

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The Haa Aaní Alliance presents Kusteeyí: The Salmon Way of Life with Crystal Worl

The Haa Aaní Alliance is a collaboration of brands between Weston, Zeal Optics, Smartwool, mountainFLOW Eco-Wax and Pret Helmets to jointly work together to conserve our lands.  This is the way the alliance comes to life, the name of the artwork and the specific narrative it tells. We joined together with artist Crystal Worl to create art that supports the Salmon Way of Life.

The Haa Aaní Alliance is proud to have developed and designed a whole new skiing and snowboard outfit.  Based on Crystal Worl's colorful formline Salmon Way of Life art, the outfit includes helmet, goggles, ski's, snowboard, wax and socks.

Trickster Company is proud to offer a part of this with the Zeal Cloudfall Haa Aani Snow Goggles.  

What's Included
Goggle with lens: Automatic+ YB 33-17% VLT
Bonus lens: Persimmon Sky Blue Mirror 65% VLT
Two-Pocket Goggle Bag

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2024 Zeal Cloudfall Goggles

Welcome to the future of winter optics. The new Cloudfall combines our award-winning patented Rail Lock System lens interchange with the groundbreaking, distortion-free field of view that only Observation Deck Technology provides, for the first time ever in a spherical-lens goggle. This revolutionary combo provides simple, secure lens swaps anywhere on the mountain with the broadest field of view you’ve ever experienced. While this goggle has the most technology under the hood yet, its thoughtful design comes together in a sleek package that is simple, clean and sets the bar for all goggles to come.

  • Impact Resistant Frame
  • Semi-rimless frame design
  • Observation Deck Technology (ODT) – Is the first goggle system that replicates the eagle's view of the mountain, to help you see every inch of the line below you.
  • Medium Fit
  • Optimum Lens Technology – This collection is named Optimum for a reason—well actually a whole bunch of them. The foundation of all Zeal Optics lens collections, Optimum is built with complete protection from harmful UV rays, Zeal's Everclear Anti-Fog, Permashield Hardcoat and optimal color filtration for perfect clarity, heightened color and enhanced definition. Available in a range of mirrors and tints, Optimum has you covered no matter the condition.
  • Polarized Lens Technology(Select Colorways) –  Polarized protection for a glare-free view
  • Automatic+ Lens Technology(Select Colorways) – Lens automatically adjusts color in changing light conditions delivering an unmatched optical experience for all-day performance in a single lens.
  • Everclear Anti-Fog – All Zeal lenses go through a state-of-the-art infusion to ensure your vision is never compromised. Anti-Fog molecules are permanently infused into the lens material so Zeal goggles last longer against the elements. You can't wipe it off - even if you try!
  • Permashield Hardcoat – Zeal lenses are equipped with the toughest hard coat around to battle scratches and scuffs.
  • Rail Lock System – RLs feature a rimless frame design for unsurpassed peripheral vision and a dual sliding rail system that guides, slides, and locks your lens in place anywhere on the mountain.
  • Triple-Layer Face Foam - Plush triple layer face foam offers a perfect fit for all day comfort and protection from the elements.
  • Upper and Lower Venting
  • No Slip Grip – A triple beaded silicon coating on every strap ensures that whether wearing a helmet or beanie, your goggle will stay exactly where you place it.
  • Dual Strap Adjustment – Comfort, simplicity and adjustability are key components in finding the perfect goggle. Our dual strap system helps you find your perfect fit all day, every day.
  • Bonus Lens Included - Persimmon Sky Blue 

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