Oaxaca City Prints 2024

In Oaxaca City, Mexico there are tons of print studios of every kind. Hundreds of talented artists live in Oaxaca making art, food, and mezcal! In February 2024, artist Crystal Worl spent a month there to create new prints. Stone lithographs and wood block prints. She hired a full studio with a full crew of about 10 to help her successfully produce 150 individual prints in 3 weeks!! The two studios she worked at are called La Chicharra Taller, and La Maquina Taller, they have embossed their logo on the bottom of each print. Getting the art home was hectic and she had to fight to ensure its safe delivery home to Alaska. She is so grateful to have had this opportunity and is proud to share the experience with you.  She offers you four new special prints. They are offered in very limited print.