Aasgutuyík G̱uwakaan (Tlingit for Deer in Rainforest) Wood Block Print

Aasgutuyík G̱uwakaan (Tlingit for Deer in Rainforest) Wood Block Print

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This woodblock print is in 8-colors which was time and labor intensive for each color.  In Tlingit culture, the deer symbolizes peace makers.  The landscape is the Alaska mountain ranges, with the lines symbolizing time, and the clouds and the rain.  Artist Crystal Worl said “I thought of calling this “raindeer” for fun.  It is a calming and fun piece that represented her time in Oxacao, Mexico during her residency.  With other artists, it was a time of working hard, having fun, in a calm environment.”

In Oaxaca City there are tons of print studios of every kind. Hundreds of talented artists live in Oaxaca making art, food, and mezcal! In February 2024, Crystal spent a month there to create new prints. Stone lithographs and wood block prints. She hired a full studio with a full crew of about 10 to help her successfully produce 150 individual prints in 3 weeks!! The two studios she worked at are called La Chicharra Taller, and La Maquina Taller, they have embossed their logo on the bottom of each print. Getting the art home was hectic and she had to fight to ensure its safe delivery home to Alaska. She is so grateful to have had this opportunity and is proud to share the experience with you.  
This is a very limited run with only 30 numbered prints created.  Each print is hand signed, numbered, and titled.  
Numbers Available:
20/30, 21/30, 22/30, 23/30, 24/30

Woodblock carving is a form of relief printing, in which the intended design is carved into a woodblock, creating a relief in the design.  Paint is applied and the paper placed on the woodblock, and when it is run through the press, only the raised parts of the woodblock transfer over.

This print uses different color schemes applied in layers, meaning different relief carvings were made at each step of the process. 

This is an extensive, difficult process made only possible by the professional team that helped Crystal bring her vision to fruition.    

A video of how 2 color woodblock printing works:

Approximate Size
44”W x 30.5"H 

Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Paper is 100% cotton, chlorine and acid free, guaranteeing long conservation.  Deckled edges.

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