Native Gift Box by Alyssa London

Traditionally tribes from Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Northwest gave cedar boxes as gifts. This was done as a sign of respect and to preserve relationships. 

Each box is handmade using premium grain cedar sourced from Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Tsimshian artist Clifton Guthrie, designed a contemporary formline version of Alyssa's clan crest and moiety, Eagle- KillerwhaleThe Tsimshian language of Sm'algyax translates the name of this design, "Eagle Wings Over Dorsal fin," to ne'egm 'neexl. Alyssa chose to cut the formline art out of copper because this beautiful metal is a symbol of wealth and status for her people. Traditionally, copper was formed into a shield which in tlingit was called Tinaa, and owned by clan chiefs and people of nobility. 

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By Alyssa "Yax Yeidi" London


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